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Intra muscular insulin injections, was: Re: [IP] glucagon nightmare

John wrote:
>Barbara, Am I right in thinking then that insulin injected into the
>muscle would act much faster than if injected into fat? So to bring down
>a high bg quickly, an injection deep into the thigh or buttocks would be
>best... and presumably Regular would work just as fast as Humalog in
>this case, since Humalog is only quicker at moving through fat. It works
>at the same speed once it's in the blood...


I know a few folks who routinely use this intramuscular injection method
with Regular to *quickly* bring down a high BG. I've also noted that the
package insert for Humalog (not sure if it's the patient or physician
insert) specifically advises against injecting Humalog in the muscle
tissue. I don't recall seeing this warning for regular or Velosulin. I'm
not sure why this is - Humalog IM might be too fast, more difficult to
adjust dosage properly, or maybe it "bothers" the muscle layer? Hmmmm ...

Bob Burnett

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