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Re: [IP] Tender/Comfort/Silhouette newbie question

John asked:
>My question: when I reconnect, how do I know easily which way up the
>connector goes? When I'm in a hurry / in the dark / under clothing,
>there seems to be no foolproof way of getting the connector in the right
>way up... :(

There really is a right side up and wrong side up to these, but you can't
tell in the dark. I just try connecting. The clip will not give that
distinctive "click" sound if you have it connected wrong. If I don't hear
the sound, I flip it over and try again.

>Also, after ten months using SofSets, with no bleeding ever, I had a
>major bleed after removing my second Tender. Is this a problem which
>occurs more often with these sets?
I've had a few good bleeds when removing these sets, but probably not more
often than with bent needle or Disetronic Rapid sets. In fact, the sum
total is probably less than six, in over 2.5 years.

Bob Burnett

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