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Re: [IP] Children pumping

> This is purely anecdotal, but I know a 13 year old girl who wanted to pump
> but had A1cs of about 13 because she didn't like to test.  
I think what all these "professionals" miss is that there is no 
motivation for a youngster on shots to test at all. It just tells 
them how badly they are doing and they have no ability to change 
anything. MDI is not a winner for the same reason. They just have to 
stick themselves more. I know my daughter hates to stick herself. The 
pump is an entirely different proposition. The motivation is to test 
more because the results provide direction that allows direct an 
almost instantaneous modification of the bg values using the pump. 
Thus, freedom to eat, sleep, play, etc... is literally and 
figuratively "right at their fingertips".

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