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[IP] re: frozen shoulder

Hi all!  I've been away for the week (conference in Denver) - wow.... that
is some *gorgeous* country out there!!!  Have to add my .02 cents about the
frozen shoulder / stiffening joints issues.  In addition to physical
therapy, massage, and "time", I have had some luck with flax seed oil (an
omega-3 fatty acid).  It can be purchased through the health food store.  I
had heard of others who used it successfully for relief of carpal tunnel
discomfort, and was open (ok... *desperate*!) to give it a try.  If you are
open to some of the benefits of "alternative & homeopathic medicine" then it
may be worth a consideration.  Not to mention, it is heart-healthy, and does
wonders for skin and hair.  :)

- -Delaine M. Wright, MS, CDE

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