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Re: [IP] Tender/Comfort/Silhouette newbie question

In a message dated 10/19/98 11:41:57 AM Mountain Daylight Time,
email @ redacted writes:

<< My question: when I reconnect, how do I know easily which way up the
 connector goes? When I'm in a hurry / in the dark / under clothing,
 there seems to be no foolproof way of getting the connector in the right
 way up... :( >>

It is difficult to tell.  The side that goes up is smooth on the surface, near
where the tubing comes in.  The other side has two little indentations.
Assuming you haven't spoiled all the feeling in your fingers through bg tests,
you should be able to tell the difference by feel.  However, getting the
little prongs lined up in the dark is a whole nother ball 'o wax. :-)
<< Also, after ten months using SofSets, with no bleeding ever, I had a
 major bleed after removing my second Tender. Is this a problem which
 occurs more often with these sets?
 I haven't noticed more bleeds with Sils than with Sof-Sets.  I've had them
with both.  One time, I had a sub Q hemorrage thing going.  I tried two sils
in that area, both bled, before I caught on. I stayed away from that area for
a few weeks, till I was sure it had healed.  I had a big yellow and green
bruise to show for it.  Personally, I had many more problems with the Sof-sets
than I have with the sils, that's why I switched.  I suspect your bleed is a
coincidence.  Just don't reinsert in the same general area!


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