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Re: [IP] Pizza and Chinese Food

> Pizza on the other hand I can't eat at all 'cause for some reason; no
> matter how much insulin I take it severely elevates my bg for an extended
> period of time.  I'm told that pizza to us is like coffee.  For some it
> raises bg due to reasons other than food energy content and for others it
> can be treated as any other food.  YMMV.

Well put Darrin. Likewise I've more or less given up eating pizzas. It
sends my bg's crazy hours and hours later. Julia has also observed how I
always get moody after going out for a pizza - probably bg related. Most
things I can handle but I find pizzas aren't worth all the extra

I mentioned this pizza problem to my new German endo. Ah yes he said.
It's impossible to correctly estimate the carb content because the base
thickness is hidden from view... I wanted to introduce him to the
research that conclusively showed that the amount of insulin required to
maintain euglycemia in the 8 hours after a pizza meal was far higher
than after a nutritionally equivalent non-pizza meal... but sadly my
German failed me! (You try arguing with an endo in a foreign

There are all sorts of theories about high fat delaying digestion. But
that doesn't explain why the total required insulin is increased. My
personal theory is that the cooking method means that some of the flour
is not fully cooked, and so lingers half digested in the gut... this, by
some unknown method then dramatically increases your basal requirements.

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