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Re: [IP] Pizza and Chinese Food

Chinese food with little fat?  Not what they serve here in Baltimore :-)
And DON't FORGET THAT PROTEIN!  All that General Tso's chicken needs lots
of extra insulin.  And I agree that pizza is hard to figure, but I think
that's because all the table are wrong.  For me with an ins/CHO ratio of
1U/15g I require about 3 U per slice.  Based on CHO alone that is more than
just the bread, but that bread is pretty dense, and there's the tomato
sauce and cheese to dela with.  I'd give pizza another chance if you really
like it.  Not really much different from most italian foods, and we can't
give those up, can we now?  :-)
- -wm

<<<<<<<<<<<Subject: Re: [IP] Pizza and Chinese Food
Just gotta through my $.02 in 'cause I love chinese food!
Most chinese dishes contain very little fat and very high carbs.
Now, North Americanized Chinese foods like those deep fried chicken balls
and sweet & sour dishes are high in both carbs and fat.
I'm not on the pump yet but from my expereince you must treat each dish
differently.  I often take an ijection of H at the begining of the meal and
another in about 2 hours depending on the bg level.  (ie a square wave
Pizza on the other hand I can't eat at all 'cause for some reason; no
matter how much insulin I take it severely elevates my bg for an extended
period of time.  I'm told that pizza to us is like coffee.  For some it
raises bg due to reasons other than food energy content and for others it
can be treated as any other food.  YMMV.>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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