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Re: [IP] Thanks To All Pumpers!!

Hi all,

When we were trying to make a decision I contacted BOTH companies and asked to
speak to their reps.  One company rep esponded and spent over an hour talking
to us about their insulin pumps.  The other company never returned our phone
calls other however a video arrived in the mail a few days later.  (no
business card attached to let us know who sent it)someone mailed us a video.  

Our endo also did not have any pumps in his office for us to look at either so
I asked the pump rep if we could see one and she readily agreed.  The next
time she was in Tulsa making rounds she contacted us and we drove to Tulsa and
met with her over dinner and she was able to explain the pump and its features
to us in a very relaxed fashion.  

Thankfully, when our Pedi Endo decided that he tought Laura was ready for the
pump he also preferred the pump we had been able to see and work with.  He
felt like both pumps were great pumps but he preferred to go with the pump
company (and rep) who offered the best service for our area.  Luckily, we were
in agreement with him as to which pump we wanted for our daughter.  

We are so delighted that TOMORROW Laura will finally be "pumping insulin."  

Hope this helps. . .


Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/