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Re: [IP] High BG/Exercise

>>Subject: Re: [IP] High BG/Exercise

Well going up to 155 doesn't sound bad.  Does it stay up? 
The only time I had
a problem with my BG going up was when I was on R insulin
and I took my pump
off when I swam.  Do you take your pump off?  I found that I
didn't have
enough insulin in my body to bind to the glucose so my BG
went up instead of
down.  I solved that by taking some insulin before taking
the pump off.  I
have not had that problem since I went on H and exercise
always with my pump
on.  ellen

I have had experience with exercise sending my bg higher,
though this is when my serum insulin level is likely low.
A more recent and perplexing problem is when I play soccer. 
I play goalie, so I don't run too much (knees don't agree
with running).  As often as not, when I'm done my bg is well
over 200, and yesterday was over 350!  The best guess that I
can come up with is adrenlyne or other counter-regulatory
hormone.  It does not appear to be a rebound from a low,
because I test every 15 minutes and I don't go low (after
all, I'm not running, just sweating in the goalbox).
Oh to have a body that reacted to itself!

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