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Re: [IP] nightime hypos (to Don)

In a message dated 10/18/98 3:29:23 PM Mountain Daylight Time,
email @ redacted writes:

<< Hi Mary Jean;
   I am curious about what you are using ,Humalog I would imagine, when I
 went on pump 6/98 using regular, had some bad episodes at night. then
 to humalog and my results sound same as yours, please let me know. 
   Don Mickelson.  IDDM  42 yrs. >>

     I assume you are referring to my statements about not having any nighttime
hypos since I started pumping.  I used velosulin in my pump for about 10
months, then switched to Humalog.  After two months on Humalog, I began
experiencing stubborn post prandial hypos, and I returned to Velosulin for a
few months.  Since last April, I have been using a mix of Velosulin and
Humalog with good results.  
     During all of this, I haven't had an episode of nocturnal hypoglycemia, so I
can't attribute it to any one insulin.  I do credit two things:  the absence
of NPH in my system, and the ability to count carbs and bolus for them
precisely.  I'm almost positive that I wasn't covering my bedtime snack
appropriately while on MDI, and I would take a large shot of NPH at bedtime,
which would kick in full force during the night.  If I cut back on my NPH, I
would awake with high bg.  No way to win.  For me, pumping is the only way to
     I'm not sure why the Regular insulin would have caused you to have problems
with nighttime hypos, unless you were digesting your food before the insulin
was finished acting. Could be you were aware enough during the day to correct
for this, but night is a different matter.  Glad to hear you have it sorted
out now.

Mary Jean

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