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Re: [IP] High BG/Exercise

Cheri,  How long have you been exercising?  I have found that the more I
exercise a specific sport, the more adjusted I get to it, the better my BGs
are before, during, and after.  When I begin a new sport, I have to test alot
until I adapt to that sport.  I am in good shape now so that adjustment period
becomes shorter.  I know how frustrating exercise and diabetes control is.  I
know people who quit exercising strenuously because of the havoc it causes to
diabetes control.  I love strenuous exercise.  It improves my control and
reduces my stress so I probably will continue until I drop.  I feel that even
though it is difficult, exercise is worth the sometimes erratic bounces.  BTW,
the IDAA (International Diabetes Athletes Assoc.) had an article in their
newsletter about some dr. writing a book concerning pumping and exercise.  I
received a questionnaire to fill out.  When the book comes out, I will let
people at this site know in case they would like to get it.  Any help would be
welcomed by a lot of athletes with diabetes.  ellen 

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