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Re: [IP] High BGs--Advice, Please!

Laurel and Wayne wrote:
> On the basis of this, I've decided to raise my basals across the board,
> adjusting each upward by .1.  I'll probably be conservative and allow 2
> days before I raise it again (if I'm still high), since my endo has told me
> that it takes at least that long for the change to fully impact.  Do you
> know how much one would typically need to up the basal to adjust for less
> activity, and will this cause me to gain weight?  

It could cause weight gain, but the other approach would be to adjust the
meal plan to be a bit smaller since you don't burn off as much.

As far as how much do you adjust basals for activity, it's probably best to 
adjust according to test results. For instance for me (YMMV) I take 0.1 units 
for 10 mg/dl difference so that keys into what I change basals and boluses.
Your numbers are likely somewhat different, and you'll probably need to 
experiment a bit to be sure.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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