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Re: [IP] High BGs--Advice, Please!

Mary Jean:

Thanks so much for your speedy reply.  

I'm not really sure if this is the week before my period because my cycle
is very erratic (the more so since I seem to have become peri-menopausal),
but it COULD be.  However, I do not typically have such a profound change
just before my period.  Could this effect occur only with some periods, and
not with others?

After sending my post, I continued to read some of the other posts and one
sparked in me the thought about activity levels.  Mine have changed
considerably, so I think you are on target there.  Although my previous job
was a "desk-job," it also involved quite a bit of moving around, whereas I
am not pretty much parked in front of a computer terminal for hours on end.

My BGs have generally been higher since I started this training program 5
weeks ago, so perhaps the extreme problem I'm having this week is a
combination of approaching period, less activity, and stress.

The low I had the other morning DID follow exercise, though no more
exercise than I had had other mornings during the week.  I can't remember
for sure, but I think it may have been cooler outside that morning, and I
know that my BGs vary a lot according to temps, so maybe that is the
explanation.  Other than this one low day, and one other day where I was a
bit less than 80, I've been high just about all the time.

On the basis of this, I've decided to raise my basals across the board,
adjusting each upward by .1.  I'll probably be conservative and allow 2
days before I raise it again (if I'm still high), since my endo has told me
that it takes at least that long for the change to fully impact.  Do you
know how much one would typically need to up the basal to adjust for less
activity, and will this cause me to gain weight?  I was on .4 from midnight
to 3 am, .6 from 3 am to 10 am, and .5 the rest of the day, so a .1 overall
increase would be significant.  Maybe I will try just upping the daytime
first because I'm nervous about lows.

Thanks a lot for your helpful response.  I feel a lot more hopeful that I
will be able to resolve this problem.

- --Laurel

PS--Hope it is okay for me to respond on-list.  I thought someone else
might benefit.

> Laurel,
> I wish I could tell you exactly what the problem is.  I can't, I can only
> suggest a few things to consider.  One, is this by chance the week before
> menstrual period?  Hormones do crazy things to our bodies.  Many women
have a
> pms rise in blood sugars.
> If it's not that, then my vote is for the stress.  Or a combination of
> and a different level of physical activity.  I recently returned to
> My daily routine is considerably different than what it was during the
> I am experiencing more highs than I used to (many more than I would
like!) and
> am in the process of reevaluating my basals.  
> If your highs are that stubborn and consistent, a good place to start
would be
> increasing your basals.  Are your highs occuring at all hours, or can you
> narrow it down to a range, say afternoon? (my particular problem)  You
may not
> need to change all your basals, just some.  
> The lows you've had are kind of mis-fits, though.  Are you sure they
can't be
> attributed to incorrect carb counting or bursts of physical exercise?
> Another thing to consider is the insulin that you are using.  I don't
claim to
> have any scientific knowlege on this, but some people are reporting that
> Humalog isn't working as well for them as it did when they first tried
it.  I
> would try changing basals before changing insulins, however.
> Good luck getting it sorted out.  I do know that stress is a known factor
> bg control.  Hang in there!
> Mary Jean

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