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[IP] Thanks To All Pumpers!!

As a new member to the list, i just want to give my Thanks to all!  This
is a great community with an archive that should be a reading
requirement for ALL diabetics!

I recently posted some questions regarding the great pump debate, the
countless point of views from thoese who responded will be invaluable to
me once i get both pumps in my hands; that's right, I'm still on the
fence, there are many benefits to both products, all i know now is that
either way, I as well as all diabetics can benefit by choosing either

I have my endo appt on Nov. 3, and will hopefully update all as to what
the final decision will be.  Unforunately, they do not have pumps in the
office there, does anyone know of any pump support groups or diabetes
education centers in the Philadelphia area where such on hands
comparisons can be made?  IS there any sort of central directory where
such groups can be found?


Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/