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Re: [IP] Some additional glucagon information

I quoted from a Novo Nordisk press release:

>> "chemically identical to human insulin"). According to Novo, this
>> genetically engineered product "eliminates the risk of acquiring bovine
>> spongiform encephalitis, from glucagon therapy, a potential risk from
>> animal-derived glucagon".

Kasey asked:

>Back up here - please explain this risk to me????????

Wish I could, but it's not my research - that info is just quoted from the
Novo press release. As I understand it, the current formulations of
Glucagon for injection come from bovine pancreatic cells. It sounds like
there may be some potential for side effects, due to the source. I've
searched extensively, and found no real reference to these complications,
other than the one I mentioned above.

According to the article, Eli Lilly is also in the process of seeking FDA
approval for recombinant (DNA origin) Glucagon, and approval was expected
by June of 1998. Novo has been distributing this product in Europe since 1992.

There's a real marketing side to this recombinant stuff - simply stated, it
doesn't require cows to make it <vbg> It's probably also "purer" (is that a
word?) than the bovine source product. Since it's of DNA origin, it's
"cooked up" in a lab. Splice a gene or two here, and voila! - you've got a
tank farm full of this stuff. Much better than waiting for Bessie the cow
to give up her pancreatic cells for "starter mix". Humulin insulin is also
of DNA origin, and has long been touted for it's "purity" and similarity to
human insulin. I expect they are making similar claims for the GlucaGen

It's also interesting to note that Glucagon is used for "improving
radiologic images of the GI tract", due to its ability to relax the smooth
muscles in the GI tract. So, there's more folks than us interested in this

Bob Burnett

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