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Re: [IP] High BGs--Advice, Please!


I wish I could tell you exactly what the problem is.  I can't, I can only
suggest a few things to consider.  One, is this by chance the week before your
menstrual period?  Hormones do crazy things to our bodies.  Many women have a
pms rise in blood sugars.

If it's not that, then my vote is for the stress.  Or a combination of stress
and a different level of physical activity.  I recently returned to college.
My daily routine is considerably different than what it was during the summer.
I am experiencing more highs than I used to (many more than I would like!) and
am in the process of reevaluating my basals.  

If your highs are that stubborn and consistent, a good place to start would be
increasing your basals.  Are your highs occuring at all hours, or can you
narrow it down to a range, say afternoon? (my particular problem)  You may not
need to change all your basals, just some.  

The lows you've had are kind of mis-fits, though.  Are you sure they can't be
attributed to incorrect carb counting or bursts of physical exercise?

Another thing to consider is the insulin that you are using.  I don't claim to
have any scientific knowlege on this, but some people are reporting that
Humalog isn't working as well for them as it did when they first tried it.  I
would try changing basals before changing insulins, however.

Good luck getting it sorted out.  I do know that stress is a known factor in
bg control.  Hang in there!

Mary Jean

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