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[IP] High BGs--Advice, Please!

Hello, hope you remember me.  I have been involved for the last 5 weeks
(and will be involved for the coming 9-13 weeks) in an intensive training
program, which is consuming all my time and energy.

For the last week, I have had less of that energy because of persistently
high BGs.  Prior to that I had been able to achieve BGs in my target range
of 80-140 about 85-95% of the time.

The high BGs range from high 100s to high 200s.  A source of puzzlement to
me is that these highs will occasionally be punctuated by normal and
unchracteristically low BGs (two days ago I fell to 40 mid-morning and
could not seem to get this to come up for several hours).  Also, bolusing
for the highs seldom seems to work.

So far I have changed sets and sites several times.  (I have been using
Silouhettes exclusively for about 2 months now and feel confident of my
insertion technique.)  I have changed reservoirs and opened a brand new
bottle of Humalog from a new lot.  Nothing seems to help.  I am really
getting scared and (not surprisingly) have been feeling less and less well.

I've considered the possibility of site degradation, but this doesn't seem
a reasonable explanation as the high BGs are there whether I have just put
in a fresh set or am at my 3.5-day limit.

Could stress alone be causing this?  If so, is there something I can do
about it?  I cannot postpone my training program without losing the
opportunity (also, there is no reason to suppose I would be any less
stressed even if I WERE able to postpone).  My endo didn't seem too
concerned when I spoke to her, but that was before I pulled out all the
stops in terms of trying to get this problem under control .  .  . and

Is this a situation where I need to increase my basal rates and carb-ratio
across the board?

Has anyone with a similar problem found an explanation or solution?

I would very much appreciate any suggestions or morale support.

- --Laurel Huff-Sedgwick (pumping w/ MM 507 since 5/98)

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