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Re: [IP] A1c levels

> I'd be very interested in learning how to do calculations for the A1C.  After
> all, we are the ones in control of our body!!!!!!!  Thanks 

You can't do calculations for your hbA1c per se. It is a measurement 
done on your red blood cells that takes into account the glucose 
levels present in the blood over the last 90 days. Red blood cells 
have a life of about 90 days. The measurement is useful to let you 
know how you are doing over the long term, and is more meaningful 
than your meter readings for that purpose. You can not calculate 
hbA1c from the meter readings no matter how many you may have.

You can get a relative number for your average bg level during the 90 
day period by converting the hbA1c using this formula:

avg bg level = ( HbA1c * 33.3 ) - 86

The control you can exert on you bg's is by having your basal rates 
set correctly and by good carbo counting habits. The book 'Pumping 
Insulin' has a lot of good information about how to do this. In 
addition, there are numerous books in the BOOKS section of the web 
site that give comprehensive listings of carb content of various 
foodstuffs, both 'fast', home-cooked, and raw materials. There are 
direct links to from the book references to Amazon.com, so you can 
purchase the books at discount if you choose to do so.

In addition to all that, there are numerous HOWTO's and FAQ's on the 
web site as well that deal with various aspects of carb counting, 
setting basal rates, estimating and measuring ratios, etc.....

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