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[IP] How to Mix (for Carol)

<< This time I tried the mixture of 1/5 velosulin and
 Can anyone remember where in the archives everyone was talking about this?
 I want to re-read it. I had a hard time trying to figure out how to get the
 velo and humalog in the same syringe at the right ratio. >>


It would be too hard to find this topic capsulized in the archives, it has
been discussed off and on for the past year.  Instead, I'll try to summarize
the process.

I looked at your profile and see that you are using a Minimed pump.  Here's
how to fill a MM syringe with a mix of Velosulin and Humalog.  I imagine the
procedure is similar for a Disetronic, but I'm not familiar with the
calibration marks and I think there is a special cartridge filling device.
(is this right, D users?)

a) If you are mixing in a ratio of 5:1, there are actually six parts to the
recipe (5 humalog plus 1 velosulin).  Likewise, a 4:1 ratio has 5 parts, etc.

b) Consider each calibration mark on the MM syringe to be one part of the
recipe.  So if you are using a 5:1 ratio, you will be probably want to use the
mark 2 above the 2ml line as "full" (240 units) since this is 12 marks total
(a multiple of six).  You will actually be filling with Velosulin to the 2nd
mark (40 units) and then filling to the 12th mark (240 units) with Humalog.

c) Push the 2 ml of air into the Humalog bottle (this is the actual amount of
H you will be using).  Then push 40 units of air into the V bottle and draw
out the V insulin.  Get rid of the air bubbles at this point.  In my
experience, the large air bubble forms as a result of separating the plunger
from the end of the syringe; you won't get another large bubble when you pull
in the Humalog.

d) Pull in the Humalog to the "full" line, in this case 240 units.

e) Now pull more air into the syringe so there is a large bubble.  Tip the
syringe back and forth.  The bubble will act as a stirring rod and will
thoroughly mix the insulins together. (credit goes to Janet Weiner for this
procedure.)  Expel the bubble as normal, and proceed with priming your tubing.

Good luck, 
Mary Jean

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