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Re: [IP] Re: Question

Michael wrote:

> > My daughters endocrinologist has told us that she does not think that she
> > should not consider a pump until her A1c is below 10.  I need a second opinion
> > on this.  She told us that Meghan could slip into ketoacidosos quickly and it
> > would be life threatening.

This is true.  (I spent my teenage years on a pump and the frightening thing is just
how quickly it happens.  With humalog it happens even faster)  However, while it is
possible it may happen once in a few years for a few hours, as long as you are
carefully treating it, that's ok.  If you ignore it -- even for 3 or 4 hours --  you
tend to get into trouble.  I suspect that the doctor is concerned that a person with
a 10 A1c is letting things go too often (which may or may not be true but that's the
assumption they are trained to make).  Of course, good pump training and a system
for staying on top of things would make that highly unlikely.  You might ask Meghan
if she is willing to chart what she would have done on a pump with each meal, shot,
nlood test, etc for a week or two.  That would demonstrate that she understands how
to do this is not likely to let it go.

> > Stew
> >

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