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[IP] High BG/Exercise

I have a question concerning high BGs and exercise.  I have read and seen on
this site where people with diabetes are NOT suppose to exercise when their BG
is over 200+ or some high number that I can't remember now.  I have never
found this to be a problem in my case and I am wondering why it is a problem
for some.  For instance, this a.m., my BG was 300, I ran 5 miles, my BG was
95.  Running brought my BG down without taking insulin.  I knew that this BG
was a rebound from an earlier 61 at about 6 a.m. so I was not worried about a
clogged tube or catheter.  I have done this several times with no problem.  In
fact, I know when my BG hits around 150 because I will start sprinting.  This
is not a typical experience for me but it does occur occassionally with no
problems.  Just wondering why this is considered dangerous.  ellen
P.S.  I also have to check more after this kind of run because I will go low
again later.

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