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Re: [IP] Having trouble

> My sugar Monday was 960! Monday morning it was 64. I changed my 
> pump out completely including the batteries. I just got progressively 
> higher and it was like my body stopped absorbing the insulin. We even tried 
> regular sub-q injections. Now my insulin requirements have gone from 129 
> units a day to less than 50!

It is relatively easy to get into a pattern of over-insulinizing, 
particularly if you suffer night time hypo's that you are not aware 
of. I would suggest a few things.

First raise your control target bg to 120 - 130 range. This will 
allow you to gently lower your insulin requirements in the event you 
are over-doing it. Then, over a period of several weeks, profile and 
adjust your basal rates. Only do a test every couple to three days, 
and only if everything is 'very' stable for the whole day. Skip your 
evening meal and test every hour until you retire. Thereafter, test 
every two hours, try not to get out of bed. It is best to have 
someone else wake you for the test, it will disturb your sleep 
pattern the least. Repeat this procedure a couple of times to make 
sure the profile is repeatable, alternating the odd/even hour to test 
on so you have more data points when the results are consolidated. 
You may have to do this for several weeks on and off, if you are 
really out of whack. Make small adjustments in the basal rates as 
required, until you get is stable. Review the HOWTO's on the web site 
and also re-read the appropriate sections in Pumping Insulin. The day 
time checks are similar, but can be done more rapidly since they do 
not interfere with sleeping. 

There is a tool on the website to adjust and project new basal rates 
that you will find helpful

Insulin Pumper's Basal Rate Estimator  on the HOWTO page.

If you need some assistance, I would be glad to look at your data and 
make some suggestions.

email @ redacted

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/