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[IP] Re: Question

> My daughters endocrinologist has told us that she does not think that she
> should not consider a pump until her A1c is below 10.  I need a second opinion
> on this.  She told us that Meghan could slip into ketoacidosos quickly and it
> would be life threatening.  I am having trouble believing this.
> Stew
Welll....... so much for the BS. The fastest way to lower A1c's is 
tight control. The best way to maintain tight control is with a pump.
Look at the improvements for members of this list who averaged in the 
10's (see the ABOUT INSULIN PUMPERS page). Those improvements were 
from 10.9 down to 8.1. A huge reduction!

I suggest you tell your endo to write the prescription for the pump 
or you will find a new doc who will. Might try your pediatrician. My 
daughter started pump thearpy 5 months after being diagnosed.
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