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Re: [IP] Time Changes

Ruth Ann and Cindy:

This question pops up from time to time, and there are always a variety of
answers. Some folks don't change their clocks, don't worry about their
basal rates, etc. Others (like me) *need* to change the pump clock, as well
as do some extra BG tests to ensure things are o.k.

If you use a number of different basal rates, if the rates are
significantly different, and change at "strategic" times of the day, if
your schedule is a bit erratic, you may need to change your clock. For
someone who is on only one or two basal rates, which do not differ
dramatically, an 8 or even 12 hour time change may not make a difference.
If you are only traveling to the different time zone for a single day, like
on a short business trip, it may not be worth changing. There's a few
things to consider.

My daytime rates are usually .2. My overnight rate climbs to as high as .9
for 5 or 6 hours. If I didn't change my clock when I changed time zones,
I'd need a 55 gallon drum of glucose tabs for my journey. That changes the
whole carry on luggage scenario significantly <vbg>

Most important is YMMV. Some extra BG monitoring, making sure you've got
some glucose with you, etc., should let you make any necessary adjustments
a *whole lot easier* than it is with injections.

Bob Burnett

mailto:email @ redacted

>Cindy, don't worry about the time changed, I flew to Hawaii, and never
>touched mine other than to bolus if I ate. You might want to check a few
>extra time (bg levels) but we traveled with an 8 hour time change. just go
>with the flow,
>Ruth Ann

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