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[IP] Having trouble

Hi everyone,
 I'm back after a little break. I am having trouble again and am looking 
for any suggestions anyone may have to help. I have been on a pump for 
twelve years and have always had brittle diabetes. I had fairly decent 
control for about two years 96-97. Now all of sudden I'm having a terrible 
time. I've been in the hospital fout times this year. I just got out 
yesterday. My sugar Monday was 960! Monday morning it was 64. I changed my 
pump out completely including the batteries. I just got progressively 
higher and it was like my body stopped absorbing the insulin. We even tried 
regular sub-q injections. Now my insulin requirements have gone from 129 
units a day to less than 50! I'm really worried about what's going on and 
have gotten a referral to an endocrinlogist at Washington University in St 
Louis. Unfortuanately that appointment isn't until November 25. I've 
started Weight Watchers diet about four weeks ago and have lost about seven 
pounds. Other than that nothing has changed between last year and this 
year. Anyone with any ideas or suggestions about what is going on or what 
to do I would be most grateful to. Thanks Heather

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