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Re: [IP] RE: Gene Testing

Lynette Parker wrote:
> Just thought I would mention it once more, and ask does anyone know
> about Gene Testing.  My husband has diabetes, and our daughter is 4 yrs
> of age, we are thinking about having another child- but firstly would
> like to see if our daughter has or doesn't have the gene for diabetes.
> What ever the outcome is, I would dearly like to try for another child,
> but my husband now has doubts, since he has heard you can have the tests
> done.
> Look forward to your replies

There is a research project that the American Diabetes Association (ADA)
will refer people to. I believe your doctor would collect a blood sample from
whatever close relative and send it in to the program where they test it.
Check with your nearest ADA office or go to:

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/