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[IP] bladder infection

How bad is it for a diabetic to have an untreated bladder infection.  I
was tested on the 5th and the Lab? lost the results until the 15th.  My
cde wants me to come in and take another test to see if i still have it
because i have been on intermuscular antibiotics (rochephin not sure i
got the name right....generic name is ceftriaxone a cephalosporin) for a
infection in the sweatglands.  I figured it was a waste to drive in  to
the office since i couldn't drive myself cuz of recent surgery and i
didn't have anybody that could drive and they would not get the results
back today anyway but then i worried about what it could do to my kidneys
so i called and the doc is not in and i could only leave a message with
my primary and am unsure she will even get the message.  I guess i am
asking if i should make a big stink about it.  I am not in pain but i am
worried about kidney damage.  Believe me there have been other times when
i have been in pain where they have not returned my calls.  It is already
3 pm on fri...michelle at email @ redacted

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