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Re: [IP] Some additional glucagon information

> There are a number of good links which help to explain the process in
> simple terms. One site I'm growing fond of is called "Endocrineweb.com".
> The articles are written by doctors in plain language, so even I can
> understand them <vbg>. Good pictures as well as some good links.
> The URL for the glucagon specific reference is:
> http://www.endocrineweb.com/insulin.html
This link and other may be found on the LINKS page of our website

> For those who might be interested, there is also some good info on
> Carbohydrate Metabolism at this site:
> http://www.prm.unisa.edu.au/h%26p2carb.htm Most of the things we need to
> know about carbohydrate metabolism as insulin pumpers is covered in depth
> here. Be warned, though - it's written like they are giving an examination
> afterwards - looks like college material.

and this link is on the FAQ page.

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