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Re: [IP] Bolus Question ~~~~~

Sherri - My daughter Stephanie also uses the Disetronic. The pump she began
on was set at .5 for boluses, so we sent #2 back to have it reset to .1 (now
they can do it at our trainer's office). We switched to pump #2 about 2
months after starting pumping, and immediately decided to get it switched
back to .5 increments - 20 button pushes followed by 20 confirmation beeps
for two units of insulin was about to send us all over the edge. I had
thought that the smaller increments would be nice, but it turns out, for us
anyway, that they weren't at all helpful. We just round up or down to the
nearest 1/2 unit, and have great results that way. BTW, Stephanie was 65 lbs
when we started...younger/smaller kids may truly find the .1 useful.  Good

Betsy Sale, mom of Stephanie, age 9

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