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[IP] Dex software and Macs


I finally talked to the Bayer Canada marketing guy yesterday and the new
Dex software is NOT compatible with MacIntosh computers.  They have started
with PC's and maybe will move to Mac if demand is strong enough.  He also
said that the Dex is due to be released to the US market for sale in the
early new year and that the Bayer website <http://www.glucometerdex.com/>
will soon have a chatroom and downloadable meter software (you will still
have to have the cable).  Canada was initially going to have to wait for
the Dex with the US, because the US demand was expected to exceed their
production capabilities, but since we are a smaller market, it was released
earlier here.

As for me, I am also going to bite the bullet and get some PC emulation
software and Bayer is going to send me the cable/CD, so I will get to play
with it. 8')


Vancouver, BC, Canada
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