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Re: [IP] Bolus Question ~~~~~

Sherri wrote:

>I noticed that Laura's pump is set to bolus in units of .5 increments.  (not
>basal -it is set at .1 increments) but I am curious if it should be set at
>Currently, on MDI we use nothing less than .5 units at a time (probably
due to
>the limtations of the syringe markings) With the pump will I find that I want
>more flexibility than half unit increments?   The manufacturer said they can
>set it to .1 but with a Disetronic this involves punching the button more
>often and would be much easier at a .5 setting.  I am willing to change it if
>it is something we will end up using and fine tuning her snacks with.

If you are counting carbs, you might want to go with a smaller bolus
increment, at the expense of more button pushes to bolus. Each person's
requirements are going to be different. I transitioned from my MiniMed 506
(.1 unit increments) to my Disetronic using .5 unit increments with no
problem. I round up or round down, as needed, with no problems. Carb
counting was never an exact science for me anyway. Your daughter's
requirements may be different.

Another possibility is having one of the pumps set in .1 increments, having
the other set to a .2 or .5 bolus increment. You can swap the pumps, if it
turns out one increment is better or more convenient. Then as you progress,
you might want to get both pumps set the same way. I think there's one
person on the list who leaves one of his pumps set at .1 for running
marathons, while his "usual" pump is set at .5 bolus increments.

Bob Burnett

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