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[IP] Bolus Question ~~~~~


First of all THANKS for all the wonderful responses to my infusion set
question!  But as we are edging closer and closer to this I read an earlier
post from Mary Jean that is prompting another question to the parents of other
pumpers or anyone else who would be willing to give input.  

I noticed that Laura's pump is set to bolus in units of .5 increments.  (not
basal -it is set at .1 increments) but I am curious if it should be set at .1.
Currently, on MDI we use nothing less than .5 units at a time (probably due to
the limtations of the syringe markings) With the pump will I find that I want
more flexibility than half unit increments?   The manufacturer said they can
set it to .1 but with a Disetronic this involves punching the button more
often and would be much easier at a .5 setting.  I am willing to change it if
it is something we will end up using and fine tuning her snacks with.

Please give me your thoughts and let me know as they can change it Monday
morning before we start.  

3 days and counting . . .


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