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Re: [IP] Old pumps (was: Blood Sugar Testing)

Hey, I remember those batteries!  Made travelling next to impossible b/c you had to
charge one set while you wore the other.

Janine Shea wrote:

> I think swallowing it would have been impossible, and I remember the
> batteries!  I think my first loaner pump came with 2 - they lasted 12-18
> hours, then needed to be recharged for several hours.  I also remember
> being so scared the stupid thing would run out of power in the night...  I
> was really lucky that by the time I bought a pump (early 1985), it had
> close to month-long batteries and was a lot smaller (and was white -
> Nordisk Infuser).  How far we have come!!!  Thanks for the reminder!
> Janine
> Beth Smith wrote:
> >I'm not sure anyone who hasn't seen the original pumps can appreciate the
> >humor in these remarks, Yerachmiel.  But I was ROTFL. <VBG>  If you could have
> >swallowed one of those things!!
> >In a message dated 10/15/98 9:34:33 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
> >email @ redacted writes:
> >
> ><< 18 1/2 years on pump (June '80)
> >    ((back when pumps were PUMPS not those tiny things you young kids use
> >now!))
> >    ((and they came in your choice of color schemes: black))
> >    ((and the battery lasted about as long as a reservoir))
> >    ((and the only way to hide it was to swallow it))
> >    ((and even then it would show in your tummy)) >>
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