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Re: [IP] A1c question?

Michael wrote:
> > According to a message I saw on a different list it IS somewhat
> > reversible, just a lot slower than when it stuck there. They said
> > that A1cs are now thought to be really accurate for about 4 weeks
> > because of it.
> >
> In a way, that may be true. It depends on whether the glucose sticks
> to 'old' or 'new' red blood cells. The red blood cells have a
> lifetime of about 90 days. That means that in 6 weeks or so, half of
> them in your body will be dead and gone. This affects the
> measurements and makes it tricky to separate the non-linear activity
> of the glucose. I'm sure someone could make a nice PHD thesis out of
> just this question.

OK, but the gist of the message was that that aging effect has been 
stated for some years, hence the "weighted average" that the A1c was
supposed to give, but it's actually more regresive than that when you
have lower sugars near the test. The numbers didn't add up for the
theory you give.

Ted Quick

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