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[IP] To David Woodburn...getting started

Hey, David!  I see Dr. Soruco out of the same office as Motto!  George and I
are both on the Board for the ADA.  Just spoke with him at the recent Walk for
Diabetes at Busse Woods.  I worked as a volunteer at this event.  It was
great!  Raised lots of money for Diabetes programs.

Well, my pump tried my patience yesterday.  Twice, it gave me a delivery
warning.  Turned out the infusion devise was not fully inserted in my abdomen.
Instead, it was against me at a 90 degree angle, and unable to deliver.  Also,
I noticed an uncomfortable feeling.  Changed the device, and everything was
fine after that.  I am sure that once I go on Insulin in the pump (one week
from this Monday), I will notice also due to high glucose testing.

When did you start on the pump?  It took me 8 months to get approval from
insurance.  They wanted me to "prove myself" able to handle the rigorous
discipline of the pump.  I am looking forward to the freedom it affords us!  I
had DKA in Houston back in January while on vacation with my family.  Terrible
experience that landed me in hospital ICU for a couple of days.  NEVER going
through that again.  Very scarry and puts a whole new perspective on things
(like life and family).

How has the pump been for you?  Any advice you can give me as I get started???
I'm a little nervous about the testing, and responding correctly to the
results as I go along.

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/