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Re: [IP] Infusion set question


>And, I was going to ask whether the doorknob survived. Some of
>us are more hard-headed than others...  :-}

Ah, yes, the doorknob survived.

I learned my lesson the first time. The second time this happened (I didn't
say I learned my lesson well), I recognized that I had once again caught my
pump tubing on the doorknob. I knew instinctively that the door was going
to very quickly smack me midst the forehead. I already had a dent there,
didn't need another. Clever pumper that I am, I "smartly ducked back
quickly", just in time for the doorknob to hit me in a part of the anatomy
which really didn't want a doorknob smacked there.

I think I've finally learned to check for loose tubing prior to running
around the house. I've also seriously considered replacing all the
doorknobs and drawer knobs with velcro <vbg>

Bob Burnett

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