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Re: [IP] A1c question?

> > Being high allows the glucose molecule to stick to things it is not 
> > supposed to. Being low does not make it unstick. Once it's stuck, it 
> > is permanent. A short high which is immediately corrected is not as 
> > damaging as being high all the time. It takes time for the glucose to 
> > 'stick'. I don't know the exact process, I just know that it is not 
> > linear and not reversible.
> I still don't follow the logic.... it doesn't need to be strictly
> linear to be a rough average, and it doesn't need to be reversible -
> just less glucose means less sticks and more glucose means more
> sticks.
Yes, but the low does not undo the previous damage. In order for a 
low to average out a high, this would have to be true. The stickyness 
rate and the number of 'stuck' molecules is NOT proportional to the 
bg level.
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