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Re: [IP] glucagon nightmare

> But
> if I remember my physiology correctly, I don't think the body can mobilize
> glycogen from the muscles.  That is, the muscles can use the stored sugar,
> but I don't think that muscle glycogen breakdown can raise the BG.  That
> happens just from the liver glycogen.

Ah! That's interesting. My basic trusty medical book just says glucose
is stored as glycogen mainly in the liver and muscles, and is released
back into the blood as glucose in the presence of glucagon and
adrenaline. But it's no more specific. I'd always assumed you were
intructed to inject glucagon into muscle, rather than fat, so that it
started working immediately releasing glucose from that bit of muscle.

I still can't work out why glucagon used to treat severe hypoglycemia
often causes nausea and headache, while glucagon in the normal human
causes no ill effects at all.

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