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Re: [IP] Free Needles for Druggies, no help for diabetics

At 08:41 AM 10/15/1998  Michael wrote:
>> Daniel,
>> Very well said.
>> Frank
>Maybe so. But it is irksome when the goverment goes out of its 
>way to 
>help people who wouldn't get out of the way if a truck were
>run over them yet will not help at all those people who try
>to be productive citizens, contribute to society and take care
>themselves and their families while facing the problems of an 
>'expensive' chronic disease with little or no governmental 
>either regulatory or otherwise. Some how the priorities are
>here. I am not saying that these programs are not worthwhile, 
>that there are many other things that are equally if not more 
>worthwhile for the overall benefit of our society.

Except, that by helping us reduce the spread of disease, they
ARE helping productive citizens that contribute to society. If
someone you knew got AIDS because of something transmitted down
the line from one of these people, it would be much worse than
diabetes. Be glad they are trying to do something to keep that
from happening. Having one chronic disease is bad enough... two
would be even worse. How much of a productive citizen could you
be with AIDS?

I'm very pragmatic on this issue. I personally am totally
against the use of illegal drugs. I just don't want to have to
deal with their second-hand fall-out (disease). The added crime
rate produced by these people is bad enough.... we don't need
more things to worry about. (That's my 5 cents worth)


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