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Re: [IP] Infusion set question

At 12:32 PM 10/15/1998  John Huff wrote:
>Hi Sherri --
>As a "recent"  pump user ( 9/30/98 ), I use MiniMed's Soft-Set
>along with its insertion device, the Soft-Serter.  I have *no*
>idea what tenders are, or who makes them.  Hope Laura has taken
>to the pump.  It probably will make her feel much better, with
>the improved control it'll bring.  8-)

The MiniMed term for the Tender is Silhouette. There are 3 brand
names for the identical set... Comfort, Tender and Silhouette.
They are all made by the same company and are exactly the same
and are fully interchangeable. Since this set is inserted at a
25-30 degree angle, has a physically lower profile and
disconnects at the point of insertion many folks find them much
more comfortable than the soft-sets. But, this is definitely a
YMMV situation. 


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