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Re: [IP] glucagon nightmare

John, it is good for all of us to keep our vocab up to date.  Thanks.  But
if I remember my physiology correctly, I don't think the body can mobilize
glycogen from the muscles.  That is, the muscles can use the stored sugar,
but I don't think that muscle glycogen breakdown can raise the BG.  That
happens just from the liver glycogen.  But I agree with you that hypos do
not occur because the liver glycogen is depleted.  Too much insulin is
indeed the problem.   And liver glycogen gets replenished pretty quickly
- -wm

<<<<<<<From: John Neale <email @ redacted>
Medical vocab check:
GLUCOSE: the sugary stuff dissolved in your blood
GLYCOGEN: the way glucose is stored temporarily in your liver and
muscles. Insulin causes glucose to be converted into glycogen. When
required later, the glycogen can be rereleased as glucose
GLUCAGON: A hormone whose effect is the exact opposite of insulin

Michael wrote:
> If she is conscious, why are you giving glucagon over and over. It
> just depletes the body's reserves in the liver. You should give her
> glucose, lots of it. Lily once received a 90 unit dose of Humalog in
> an accident. She was fine and recovered over about a 6 hour period
> during which she ate a 'ton' of glucose tablets. Glucagon is the
> treatment of last resort when it is not possible to get glucose into
> the body in any other reasonable way.

Michael, your advice to use glucose to treat a hypo is obviously wise
and safe, but your concerns over glycogen depleting the reserves don't
follow. The usual effect of insulin is to drive glucose into the liver
and muscle tissue. If you're having a hypo in 99% of cases it will be
because there is too much insulin in the system, so the body's reserves
of glycogen will actually be increasing and probably high to start with.
Even though the bg is low, the insulin is still removing glucose from
the blood and stuffing it into the liver and muscle. So there should be
little risk of depleting the reserves glycogen.>>>>>>>>>>>

- -Wayne 

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