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Re: [IP] Free Needles for Druggies, no help for diabetics

I just want to shed a lttle light about needle exchange programs.  I work for
a drug and alcohol treatment center that also has a street outreach with a
"needles" program and we are NOT interested in promoting drug use.    Needle
exchange programs provide clean needles in exchange for dirty ones.  The idea
is that it will prevent the spread of infectious diseases that are a public
health risk. Addicts are going to use, whether they are supplied with clean
needles or not.  It doesn't further their drug use and in fact, helps them
takes steps to protect their health that can eventually lead to getting clean.
I know, I've seen it happen.  

<< The thing that bugs me is that the government here in
 > New Brunswick are giving druggies free needles to help their drug      
 > abuse. The thing is we need insulin to stay alive and a junkie needs  
 > needles to get high. >>

It does still rot that we diabetics have to fight to get basic supplies that
keep us alive.  I battle with my HMO every 3 months when I have to reorder.
Last time I had to threaten to go to the ER for a costly bout of DKA before
they got to work on actually helping me.  But, my right to good care is not
more important than someone elses.  We are just dealing with different


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