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Re: [IP] A1c question?

> > > If over a period of time someone ran say a bg of 100 half the time
> > > and a bg of 120 the other half of the time, would their A1c be the
> > > equivalent of bg's of 110 ?  In other words is your A1c and average
> > > of your highs and lows?   
> Michael wrote:
> > No
> Waddaya mean Michael? You gave us your endo's lovely formula which
> seemed linear to me. It is roughly the average of your bg's.
The formula gives an 'approximate' equivalent

> A lot of
> lows will cancel out a lot of highs. If you measure your bg's in mmol/l
> (the Canadian/British way), then the HbA1c just happens to give a rough
> guide to your average bg's: so if you are 10 mmol/l (180 mg/dl) most of
> the time, your Hba1c might be around 10%, and if you are 5 (90) most of
> the time, your bg might be around 5%.

Being high allows the glucose molecule to stick to things it is not 
supposed to. Being low does not make it unstick. Once it's stuck, it 
is permanent. A short high which is immediately corrected is not as 
damaging as being high all the time. It takes time for the glucose to 
'stick'. I don't know the exact process, I just know that it is not 
linear and not reversible.

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