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[IP] A1c question?

Bruce wrote:

If over a period of time someone ran say a bg of 100 half the time and a bg of
120 the other half of the time, would their A1c be the equivalent of bg's of
110 ?  In other words is your A1c and average of your highs and lows?  

First of all I would like to meet this fanatic nut case who keeps his blood
sugars at this range all the time and shake him up real good and tell him
there are other things about life to devote so much time to - like say hello
to your kids and turn your work in on time and get the car's oil changed...but
then, YES, I would tell him his A1C would in fact be the average of your highs
and lows.

My meter gives me an "average of my readings over the last 14 and 30 days, but
that is only a guesstimate - the real a1c test includes all those other times
in between times you test...so for example my meter said average 169 which
equates to a A1C of 7.6, but my A1c came back as 6.8 which means an average of
140...but as with everything else in life...YMMV

Sara (whose meter is averaging 165 this time...)

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