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[IP] coffee

Carol wrote:

> if caffeine had a pronounced effect on BGs, mine would stay in
> the "orbital" range all the time!  I drink lots of coffee...and have 
> never noticed a correlation between the caffeine and my BG's.  
> Maybe this is another YMMV type thing and it's effects are 
> different on each of us. :-)   

yup...but there might be some who would say that perhaps your BASALS are
adjusted to accommodate for this...I mean if you really are running on the
high octane stuff all the time, you may be making adjustments to your basals
to cover any affects of the caffeine.  When I am drinking LOTS of coffee, it
is usually during a high stress  time - like doing a show, or getting ready
for audition tours (NOW).  My basals may be UP due to the stress, but they are
DOWN due to the amount of exercise I have been doing, but are they also UP due
to my keeping Juan Valdez and his 7 sons in cadillacs, but they are also DOWN
because I am not eating as much...who knows...

however, I  saw a 60 minutes or Dateline thing about decaf coffee where they
tested the levels at different places and you would be surprised how much
caffeing actually shows up in de caf - if they are using the same machine
especially for both versions...I try to stick to decaf as much as possible,
but know I am getting at least a little bit...

*-)=B xoxx~~~~~~[507]

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