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[IP] Sara's Low Story

I am so excited - I finally have an interesting low story...No passing out
yet, thank goodness, but it was the weirdest thing that ever happened to me in
24 1/2 years, and made me laugh (in retrospect), so I thought I would share

Last Saturday, I worked out real hard, bolused for part of my lunch around 1
(cuz it had a lot of fat...) and then spent the afternoon walking around Soho.
My sugar was fine at lunch and at 3, and I was feeling fine - excellent in
fact even though it was raining.  About 530, I was "on" line to buy something
(that is what they say here in NYC instead of "in" line) and tested my sugar
(for I am the type of person to just whip it out whenever I feel the urge).
It said 59 so I thought "oh i messed it up."   So i went outside and sat down
and did it again - this time I was 52!!  I thought I felt fine!  but when I
saw the 52, I started mentally really "feeling" myself and noticed I had this
kinda muffled, numb feeling - like I was wrapped in cotton wool...not my usual
low symptoms.

So i gulped the 4 dex tabs I had and hoped that would suffice - 16 grams of
CHO would normally raise me about 60 - and walked on down the street.  Then I
remembered I had bolused for the lunch fat about an hour before - I didnt
check - just knew how what I ate normally needs to be treated.  4 tabs was NOT
gonna cut it...so i am thinking ok, i have $2 cash - what do i want to
eat...didnt stop at the corner street vendor for a $1.50 soda - no would not
be economical and I wouldn't enjoy a soda...so I kept walking...I came to an
ATM - and was thinking maybe i need more money - so i go in, get  $20 and then
stood at the counter to rearrange my back pack - and I am usually the type to
just throw everything in there and shut the flap and leave the organizing to
the NRA or pro-lifers or whatever cause happens to be rallying...and i cant
find the $20 - I know i just rolled it up and put it in my hand...but no -
that was the orginal $2...I unpack my back pack and there is the $20 laying at
the bottom of the bag.

By now, I am feeling just plain WEIRD...I knew I was low, but couldn't make
myself do anything about it.  There is a blind man standing at the door of the
ATM and I had to stop myself from giving him the $20 which was now rolled up
in my clammy fist.

So now I am rich and making a decision about what to eat is even harder...i
keep walking and i come to Kmart.  I am NOT a kmart shopper, but for some
reason was feeling GUILTY that I had just thrown out 3 pairs of holey socks
which, if I had been Martha Stewart, I could have darned up, or made some nice
tea cosys...but in my present state, I wa a BAD person for throwing them in
the garbage and so I NEED socks BAD - MUST HAVE SOCKS!!!  So i go in and start
shopping.   I couldn't pick out which package I NEEDED to have!  I picked up
literally every  package comparing cotton content and price and color.  20
minutes later I choose a package and go check out...oh yeah, i remember, I am
low, so I grab a candy bar...there is a big hassle ahead of me "on line", so i
rip the candy bar open and put the wrapper on the socks - ready to knock out
anyone who questioned me eating it before paying for it.

So, I eat the candy bar, buy my socks and go stand outside - it is still
raining and I cant make my umbrella open...I start walking towards the subway
and all of a sudden just kinda feel lost and scared.  My vision by now is
completely tunnelled, plus with the blood in my eye and the headlights
reflecting on the puddles of water, I just felt like I was in some really bad
movie... There is a Starbucks so I go in - thinking i KNOW i have sugar in me
I SHOULD be feeling ok soon. I get a coffee and a cookie and just sit there in
the warmth...i checked again - this is like AN HOUR since the 52, after 4 dex
tabs and a Milky Way...64.

I just sat there for almost 2 hours (a band was playing, so I wasnt arrested
for loitering).  By the time I left I was up to 162...and it wasn't raining.

And the moral of the story is:  ALWAYS buy socks when your sugar is low!  I
like these socks better than ANY I have ever bought - even IF they were the
blue light special!!

Sara *-)=B xoxx~~~[507]

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