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[IP] beeps and clicks

Sam wrote:
> I've heard many wrist-watches that beeped much louder
> than my MiniMed. (Now, talk about something really annoying at
> the symphony...)

I was at "THE" Met last week, in the balcony watching Placidio Domingo do
Samson and Dalila...I gave a bolus of one unit, with the pump pressed between
my thigh and the velvet seat - while it sounded like a shot gun to me, no one
even noticed....but someone's beeper went off, or watch, i  don't know, on the
OTHER side of the auditorium and everyone turned their head and gasped...so,
yeah, maybe i am just sensitive...what a 90s kind of gal I am!!

Sara - who beeps and clicks when pressed appropriately

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