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Re: [IP] Infusion set question

> We are excitd and so is she!  (Michael a picture
> is on its way soon!)
Great, another kid gets a pump and FREEDOM!
BTW, how old is Laura, I will add her to the kid list.

> She will be using the Tenders.  I am wondering though, does anyone
> ever get the infusion set caught on their clothing? 
Took me about 3 months to convince Lily to stop tapeing the tube to 
her Tenders. She finally got tired of the TAPE sticking to her 
clothes and stopped.

> I am now wondering if this is something that
> can get easily caught on your clothes or rub?  The thought of this
> catching on someting just gives me the willies.

Sounds like you need to put one of these things on yourself.

Quit worrying. The sticky stuff on the set is 'really tough'. It will 
be a simple OOPS if it happens, not anything truamatic.

> (ps - thankfully, Laura is calm, cool, and excited about this and
> putting in an infusion set doesnt seem to phase her in the least)

You need to look at it from her perspective. NO MORE SHOTS!!!
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