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Re: [IP] Infusion set question

At 05:05 AM 10/15/1998  email @ redacted wrote:
>She will be using the Tenders.  I am wondering though, does 
>anyone ever get
>the infusion set caught on their clothing?  Since it is not
>down on the
>top (otherwise if it were you would not be able to disconnect 
>would you?) I am
>now wondering if this is something that can get easily caught
>your clothes
>or rub?  The thought of this catching on someting just gives me

>the willies.

I've been using the Silhouettes (the MiniMed name for the
Tenders) for over 4 months. I've never had the button, where the
quick-disconnect is, catch on anything yet. You might want to
consider where belts normally go, however, when you insert the
set. I usually do in above the belt-line. But, otherwise I don't
even know that it is there most of the time... I sleep on it
without problem. I've also had some pretty good yanks on it from
the tubing... so far I've not had it pull out. However, this is
a "your mileage may vary" (YMMV) situation.

The tubing itself, however, is a whole different kettle of
fish... the tubing can (and will) get caught on all sorts of
things. So, you do have to figure out how to deal with it so
that it doesn't get in the way. Its made from pretty tough and
resilient stuff so I wouldn't worry about breaking the tubing
itself.. just getting in the way, getting caught on things, etc.
Some people have even reported sets being pulled out when the
tubing got caught on something. If it is a major problem, using
the shorter tubing length may help.


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