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Re: [IP] Anti depression meds and blood sugars

At 08:31 PM 10/14/1998  Brian Spitler wrote:
>Questions. Has anyone else who is on antidepression meds
>a harder
>time with their control?  Mine are on a huge roller coaster 
>anywhere from
>300+ down to the 30's. Does tighter control return when the
>builds a
>store of these meds? Do these meds also effect the normal 
>menstral cycles?
>Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to

I use Paxil and have not noticed any difference. However,
emotions do play havok with your BG levels... so,
antidepressants may possibly help in the long run. But there may
be a whole lot of other factors at work here as well.


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